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Dear readers,

we got a lot of traffic from different countries during the last weeks and we never mentioned a word in any other language than german. We thought it would be nice for all of you out there not able to read german, to have a brief summary of what we have written about the 21st of December 2012.
So here it is in Q&A style:

Andromeda-GalaxieBildquelle: Carsten Przygoda /

Bildquelle: Carsten Przygoda /

Will the world end?
No, of course not. The assumed end of the mayan calendar doesn’t imply the end of the world. That’s not what the Maya wanted to say.

What can be seen in the sky on the 21st of December 2012?
Nothing special, unless you own a telescope for there will be an extraordinary, colourful spectacle behind our horizon. The world will not turn dark, but might appear a bit darker at certain places.
The sun will move through a gap in the milky way on this day, which will cause a sudden cooling . This will be noticeable on earth as well.
New sections of our universe / galaxy will soon be discovered, because the ‚gate to heaven‘, as the passing through of the sun is called, will enable a quite interesting sight into our galaxy.
In addition an unknown planet will cross our solar system. It couldn’t be seen before and those who will see it, will be amazed and terrified at first. The planet means no harm to us though. (Not like the planets in all of those horror stories about the giant Nibiru passing by)

What happens after the 21st of December?
Changes will take place. Changes, that affect the whole planet. The human beings as well as the plants, the animals, the infrastructure.
Mankind will change as well as the earth itself. The main reason for this will be the change taking place in the universe. The positions of the planets will change. The influence will be huge. As well for the space-time continuum as for relativity.
Future technology will be different, much less complex compared to today, because people will start to dislike the complex and intelligent design and handling of technical devices. Some people will not even be able to handle the ’new technology‘ any longer, so the devices will get a lot easier to use.
People themselves will become more egocentric than they are today. Media will support the urge of people to be portrayed publicly.
Furthermore the nature around us will change. Certain animals will learn to think clearer and evaluate their thinking. They will be able to act autonomously.
Catastrophes will hit the planet as well, but mankind can try to prevent them. It only works if we come closer together again. People should try to understand each other and care for each other.

For further questions and comments, feel free to contact via or the comment function of this site.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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